B.N. Appraisals, Inc.
B.N. Appraisals, Inc.

Our Products

B.N. Appraisals, Inc. offers the following appraisal services:

-Primary and Secondary Mortgages                

-Vacant Land              

-Mortgage financing                                              


-Single Family Residence                                



-Setting List Price

-Multi (2-4) Family Residence                        

-Appraisal Review

-FHA Appraisals                                             

-Reverse Mortgage Financing


B.N Appraisals also provides appraisals for:


-Assessment Appeals 

-Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Removal

-Employee Relocation

-Death in Family

-Estate Planning                                              

-Documenting Past or Present Value                 

-Divorce Settlement                                        

-Establishing past and/or Present Value for Bankruptcy


B.N Appraisals, Inc. primarily services western Grays Harbor County and provides a reasonable and customary fee schedule based on proven standards and surveys.  For an additional fee, B.N. Appraisal, Inc. does service other western Washington counties, but such service does depend on present work load.  Please call for a quote.




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