Ocean Shores, WA
Ocean Shores, WA
B.N. Appraisals, Inc.
B.N. Appraisals, Inc.

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I have been appraising residential real estate throughout Washington State since 2002.  My primary focus is non lending appraisals for cases such as Estate Planning, Death in Family or Date of Death, Probate, and Divorce Appraisals.  My twenty-two years in the military, extensive lending and management experience, involvement with the Appraisers’ Coalition of Washington as a Director, Secretary, Vice President, and four-time President, and my involvement with other national appraisal organizations has provided me with unmatched experience in the appraisal profession.  Because of this, B.N. Appraisals, Inc. is an industry leader in residential real estate appraising.  There is no quickest, fastest, or cheapest here.  I take the time necessary to capture all aspects of the property being valued.  I then complete thorough research and use sound appraisal methodology, providing a detailed appraisal report with the most accurate value opinion possible.  


And…If you or your relative owning the property being appraised is a Veteran, I will provide you with a Veterans Discount!     

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